Friday Funnies ~ R-Chee says Let’s Party! Colorado Pugs in the Park 2013

Happy Friday everyone!
It is me…
I had so much FUN at The Colorado Pug Rescue‘s 2013 Party this year!
It is called Pugs in the Park…
…and boy was it ever!
They had tons of games, contests, food, spas, vets, toys, vendor booths and a big fundraising silent auction that was filled with amazing things to bid on and win while helping all of the pugs in foster care!
Here are some of the photos my dad took of our day for you to enjoy!

Every kind of doggie was welcome to join in on the FUN & learn to relax in style from the pug experts!

There were so many pugs to meet, games to play and smells to smell that I did not know where to start!

So my momma and I just decided to start to explore and see what would unfold!

We went to every booth and greeted every pug we could find in every direction!
We had so much FUN exploring that I needed to take a break and have a snack!
(BTW… I always need a snack :))
Here are just some of the friends we met!
Every pug & person had a wonderful time!
Smiles were shining everywhere!

Thank you CPR and all of the people, family and pug rescues everywhere for all the love, care and hope you bring to the world!

We cannot wait to go again next year!

Please leave us a note and tell us all about the Pug Parties you have been to this year! We cannot wait to hear all about them, your favorite rescue and your story if you would like to share it with us!

Melissa & R-Chee

Pugs in the Park 2011 ~ Archie the Social Butterfly

 Hi everyone!
It is me… Archie!
I am so excited to show you the very first Pug Party I went to hosted by The Colorado Pug Rescue!
Pugs in the Park ~ 2011
It was amazing!
I have never seen so many pugs before!

There were fun booths to shop, food to eat and lots of games and contests to enter in and prizes to win!

Here we are arriving at Denver City Park!
There was so much to see and share that Dad pulled out his camera and starting snapping photos!
I immediately dove right in and tried to talk to and play with every puggy!
Being my very first social event, I think my intentions were good, but my technique was a little rough around the edges. 🙂
Momma pulled me aside and had a little talk with me about how to say hello and introduce myself politely before playing with new friends.
I took some time to rethink my approach…
This cute little guy looked like he was trying to get away with something too!
Looks like the newbies have alot to learn. 🙂
But… there was no time for feelin’ bad because at 3:00 something super FUN happened!
An announcement went over the speaker system and…
All the puggies turned into something else!
This puggy turned into a T- Rex!
These GUYs are crazy funny!
Poof… Monkey
Poof… Rock Star
Poof… Fire Hydrant!
Poof… Bunch of Grapes
Poof… A Prize Fighter!
 Oh my gosh!
All these costume changes are making me dizzy!

I didn’t have a costume to enter the contest this year so I sat on the grass with mom and…

(I am not laughing at them… really I am not!)
Tee Hee! 🙂
Have a super duper weekend everyone!
What do you have planned?
Please leave me and note and let me know!
Archie Barchie the Social Butterfly (in training) 😉

Colorado Pug Rescue ~ Pugs in the Park 2010

Join us Sunday October 10th
1 – 5pm
Denver City Park
Colorado Pug Rescue’s




We cannot wait!
We love meeting everyone and all of their wonderful puggies!
Please stop by our booth and say hello!

m & e

Seattle Pug Party 2010

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to show you the Seattle Pug Party. 🙂

It was a magical day as we got to hug many of our blog friends in person for the first time!

I will show you those special photos tomorrow and highlight the Pug Party and Pike Place Market today.

Melanie is the best!
Here she is helping me set up our table. 🙂
The doors opened a 11am and a sea of sweet puggies rolled in to spend the day with us.

There were 100’s of pugs and people having fun and enjoying the festivities!

We had a wonderful day and although we were only in Seattle for 1.5 days, we got to enjoy some of our favorite places like The Public Market!

Here I am entering the building to find…

Lots of veggies…


and flowers!

We had a fabulous time!

I am so excited!
Tomorrow I will show you the photos I took with …

It was a truly magical day!



San Diego Pug Party 2010

Hi Everyone!
We are home!
Melanie and I had a fabulous time in San Diego and Seattle!
I am so excited to show you pictures of our trip!

I will start with the SD Pug Rescue Party today so as not to overload you with all of my pictures. 🙂

Our tables were filled with our whimsical pug art, sweater vests and handmade wool bears!

We had so much fun!

It was a perfect day filled with wonderful people and over 500 pugs smiling and having fun!

Here is one little happy pug looking for the perfect forever home.
The party is an annual fundraiser to help the San Diego Pug Rescue raise funds to support the sweet pugs in their care.
Some of the activites they had were costume contests, blueberry facials, pug massage, manicures, ask a vet and a cupcake eating contest (A funny side note: The cupcakes had to stay down to win ~ heeee.)

Here is a puggy waiting for his cupcakes while celebrating the theme of Pugs Around the World complete with ponchos, sombreros and *beverages*.
We had such a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting new ones and spending the day with hundreds of puggies!
P.S. Does anyone know why Emmitt is singing and dancing and smelling like mini meatloaves? He is on cloud 9 I tell ya!
m & e

The Party Animals Auctions for Charity are LIVE!

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to announce that the auctions to benefit A Place to Bark animal rescue are now Live!
I am honored to be a part of this wonderful collaboration, Party Animals 2009 , that I first told you about back in July. 

“Party Animals features the artwork of 21 different artists from across the country. The proceeds from the sale of this book will directly benefit the animals at A Place To Bark animal rescue. All work was donated by the participating artists and the original pieces will be auctioned off on Ebay in the Fall of 2009. This 43 page, full color book includes reproduced artwork from each artist, information about A Place To Bark animal Rescue, How To’s, ways to get involved with helping animals, a dog treat recipe and much more!” 

If you would like a copy of the beautiful book which includes all 22 pieces of art work, please click here. All proceeds benefit A Place to Bark.


If you would like the opportunity to bid on the original art work donated to the fundraiser, please click here. The link will take you to Ebay where you can search on the key words, “Party Animals Auction”, to see all of the 22 pieces available. Each piece is listed separately in its own auction that will run for 5 days. 

Here is my donation to the fundraiser… “Party Pugs” 

Party Pugs
Paper Collage
8 x 8
Melissa Langer ~ 2009 

I am really excited because this is the first and may be only time that my original artwork is available for sale.

I am honored to be among these talented artists.

Thanks so much for looking and please contact me anytime with any questions!

Colorado Pug Rescue – Pugs in the Park 2009

We are so excited! 

The Colorado Pug Rescue’s Pugs in the Park is this Sunday, Sept. 27th from 1-5 pm, at Denver City Park! 

Each year there are hundreds of pugs, people, costumes, food, contests and vendors!
Come and join the party and please stop by and say hello! Melanie, Mark, Fred and I will be there in our Pug Notes Booth. 

All of the funds raised at the party will help the wonderful foster pugs in the care of the Colorado Pug Rescue.
If you cannot attend, but would like to help the Colorado puggies, the CPR 2010 Calendar has just been released and is packed with wonderful pug photos. Each calendar is only $12 and all proceeds will go right to the pugs in need!

Please click here to get yours today!

I cannot wait to show you pictures from our wonderful day!

We always have so much fun every year! 

What are you doing in your part of the world this weekend? Please leave us a comment and let us know. Emmitt and I would love to hear all about it!

Seattle Pug Party 2009

Melissa and Guido 🙂

We had a fabulous trip to Seattle to attend the Seattle Pug Party on Saturday.

We met so many of our blog and online friends that the whole day became a magical event.

Some of the people who stopped by are Puglette and her family, Connie Conley, Tara Ross, Sabra, Cammie, Winston & Cosette, Joan & Skippy who also had an amazing booth at the party for her amazing company, Linden Line Designs.

Our booth

A happy puggy!

Joan’s Skippy Wu

Puglette’s Charlie and Ollie

To celebrate a wonderful show and day, Melanie and I went to the Pike Street Market for dinner.

We only had a few hours on Saturday evening to see some of Seattle but we had perfect weather and could not have asked for a better day!

This is a shot of the Space Needle as we zoomed to the airport at 6:00 am Sunday morning. 🙂

We had a fabulous time in Seattle. As we were leaving the Pike Street Market, I looked down and saw this wonderful bag smiling up at me. I said to myself, what a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Life is Art… Art is Life!

San Diego Pug Party 2009


The theme was Rockn’ Through the Ages and it was a blast!

Hundreds of people and pugs turned out for a day filled with contests like a cupcake eating contest, pug kissing contest, costume contest, a huge raffle, all you can eat meatball pug bar and more!

We were so excited to see our friend Mindy and her pugs, Elvis and Dandy.
She is wearing a shirt with a portrait of her Elvis puggy done by our very own Nancy Medina!

Our friends Liz & Jon brought their frenchie, Henri Hopper, and their new baby boy, Noah, to the party. We were so excited to see them!

Noah with his new bear made by Melanie. 🙂

Me and Liz

The winners of the costume contest…

Billy Idol and his pugs dressed for a White wedding. 🙂

The all you can eat meatball bar!

and Elvis waiting for the all you can eat part!

My friend Kathe Gogolewski came to see us.
We have been friends online for years and finally got to meet!
My Booth!
and lots of wonderful puggies!

Happy faces!

New forever homes being found!

Melanie’s handmade bears were a huge hit!
We love San Diego and cannot wait until next year!

I will show you our trip to Seattle tommorow! 

I also want to thank all of you for playing with Emmitt while I was away! Your special posts, comments and photos all made me happy and laugh out loud. I am very lucky to have you as friends!

Pug Notes Newsletter – Spring 2009

The Pug Notes Spring 2009 Newsletter is now available! 
It is jammed packed with…
Please visit her blog and say hello. Emmitt and I just love her and her cat Newman!

Here I am with my very own Love Cookie! Yummy!

and don’t forget to check out the Meet the Pugs section to meet lots of cute puggies from all over the world. This is Ben from New Zealand!

If you would like to send in any recipes, pug photos or to sign up to get your very own copy of the newsletter delivered to your inbox 4x a year, please just email me.

I always love hearing from you!
Melissa & Emmitt