Colorado Pug Rescue – Pugs in the Park 2009

We are so excited! 

The Colorado Pug Rescue’s Pugs in the Park is this Sunday, Sept. 27th from 1-5 pm, at Denver City Park! 

Each year there are hundreds of pugs, people, costumes, food, contests and vendors!
Come and join the party and please stop by and say hello! Melanie, Mark, Fred and I will be there in our Pug Notes Booth. 

All of the funds raised at the party will help the wonderful foster pugs in the care of the Colorado Pug Rescue.
If you cannot attend, but would like to help the Colorado puggies, the CPR 2010 Calendar has just been released and is packed with wonderful pug photos. Each calendar is only $12 and all proceeds will go right to the pugs in need!

Please click here to get yours today!

I cannot wait to show you pictures from our wonderful day!

We always have so much fun every year! 

What are you doing in your part of the world this weekend? Please leave us a comment and let us know. Emmitt and I would love to hear all about it!

2010 Pug and Dog Art Calendars

2010 Pug Art Calendar

I cannot believe it is calendar season already! The Pug Notes 2010 calendars are now available to enjoy all year long! 
I have both an all pug edition and a dog breed version!

This year a new fun orange border surrounds each image.

and when the year is through, the prints are so beautiful you can frame them all
In addition to the monthly format, I also have the PDF daily and weekly planners as well as the To Do Lists in my etsy shop that you can download and print anytime you need them for only $5 each!

Behind the scenes here, I have been busy dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s for the next Pug Notes’ Quarterly Newsletter that will be released in a couple of weeks when October arrives!

If you would like your own copy in your inbox, please just email me and I will sign you up! It is packed with fun news, pug photos, and recipes for you! 
Have a super day everyone!

Porcelain Round Cut-out Ornaments

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Today’s announcement is about the new round ornaments I have just added to Pug Notes
They are the same beautiful 3″, two-sided porcelain ornaments that I introduced last year in a snowflake shape. Now you can collect them in both styles. 🙂 
I love the delicate cut-out design!
Each one comes with a gold string to hang on your tree.
Tomorrow I will show you the last new item that you can enjoy all year long! 🙂
Emmitt has been a good boy and has not spilled the beans on all of the new items so far.
 Let’s see if he can keep it up for one more day.
Melissa and Emmitt

Table Art ~ Pugs & Dogs

The newest addition to the Pug Notes’ product line is Table Art
Now you can display your 8 x 10 laminated wood art right out of the box with its attached easel! 
You can choose from any of my 120 + pug and dog paintings for your piece. 
It is the pefect size for any counter, table or mantle at 8″ x 10″ x 1/4″ thick.


The sides and back are beautifully finished in black.

I am so excited about the new Table Art pieces. 
They are a striking yet easy way to bring some color and whimsy into any room without needing to buy a frame. I love finding new affordable ways to bring smiles to people’s spaces! 
Happy Monday everyone! 
I still have more new stuff to show you this week!

Serving Bowls ~ Serve Snacks with a Smile!

I am so excited!

New ceramic serving bowls are now available in the Pug Notes’ line of housewares.
The large size, 10 1/4″ w x 6″ tall, is perfect for serving from everything from pasta to chips or even fruit!

Emmitt cannot wait to dive in! I tried to explain to him that he has a personalized ceramic dog bowl, but he said he wants them both! 🙂 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Fred’s fantasy football series starts this weekend. I just love this time of year! What do you have planned? Please leave us a comment and let us know! We would love to hear all about it!


 Melissa and Emmitt

New Heart Medallions ~ Add *Bling* to Anything!

I am so excited to release my new Heart Medallions!


These rhinestone studded hearts are a wonderful way to show your love for your pet.


You can choose form any of my 120+ pug, dog or cat paintings. It will be specially made just for you!

They are beautiful, durable and large at 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″.

I love that you can add a touch of *bling* to any of your outfits, purses, keychains, backpacks, briefcases or art projects. You can even attach it to your dogs’ collars if they do not mind the extra weight. 🙂

Emmitt smiled when I showed him mine. He knew I picked it because it reminds me of him!

I have 4 more new items to show you over the next few days!

Thanks for letting me share the fun with you!

Groovy Pugs Fabric is now available in 3 Colors!


I am so excited to release new colors to my “Groovy Pugs” fabric line!

A wonderful rich coffee brown and a delicious plumy purple join the sunny happy yellow to make a rainbow of pug fabrics for you to choose from!

All 3 colors are now available in my Etsy Shop in both yards and fat quarters.

The Groovy Pugs are very excited to be a part of next creative project!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Emmitt and I would love to hear all about any projects you are working on! Please leave a comment and tell us all about it!

Celebrating Senior Dogs

Every moment, every day, every year I learn something new from my wonderful pug Emmitt.

He not only inspires all of my artwork, but he is a wonderful teacher of joy and laughter.

Through each step of his life, he has been showing me how to enjoy and appreciate even the simplest things.

One of the greatest gifts he has given me is to set the example of how to rise above obstacles with grace, courage and even excitement.

Emmitt is happy and healthy and just turned 13 this month, on August 1st. This post is a big thank you to him as we enter the senior years of our journey together.

In recent months, it has become clear to me that Emmitt has been showing me another great lesson about life…

Aging is not scary or something to be feared. It is a beautiful time to appreciate and most importantly to fine tune your thoughts and actions about so that it feels good.

Journaling is an amazing way to speak from your heart even when you are not quite sure what the message is. Here is a journal I created over a year ago…

It was an old music book that I rescued and altered. I passed by it the other day and smiled when I looked at it and saw the cover for the first time really. “Tuning Up! Oh my gosh, yes we are!”, I thought. We are fine tuning our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about changes that are happening so that they are not scary or sad. 
If Emmitt has an ache, I find him relief. We now have a wonderful friend, Ingrid, who is a dog massage therapist that comes to the house every Monday to rub out his knots.
If he shows signs of eye issues, we take him to the doctor and choose the best treatment to find him improvement. 
Reaching for solutions, reaching for relief, not giving in to fear of change ~ That is my secret for happiness. 
I have learned these lessons from Emmitt and apply it to my own life too. This new outlook on life brings me comfort and makes this journey exciting for me. 

Our friend, Ingrid, recently gave us this wonderful book that celebrates senior dogs.
It is called Old Dogs are the Best Dogs and is filled with wonderful photos and stories of other dogs who are teaching the very same lesson that Emmitt is … 
A happy life is about appreciating and fine tuning. If something comes up, don’t turn away and resist it, look at it, embrace it and find feelings of relief concerning it.
Dogs do not complain (even with silly hats on their heads). They appreciate life in every chapter. 

In tune with this wonderful lesson, Emmitt has inspired me to paint this series of Senior Pugs this year. 
Each face makes me smile. They have a softness and a knowing about them that show me that all is truly well! 
Thank you Emmitt for 13 wonderful years and many, many more to come!