Pug Notes Newsletter ~ Fall 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone!
R-Chee & I are so  excited to let you know that…
The  Pug Notes Newsletter ~ Fall 2013 is now  online for your  reading pleasure!
It is jam  packed with fun  newsphotoseventsrecipescustomer  photos and  more!
The lunch bell is ringing in R-Chee’s Test Kitchen!
To celebrate, he shared his recipe for & made you a special batch of his deliciously moist & fruity cakes!
We are proud to announce a new Collection of Dog Sweater Vests in our Etsy Shop
Green & Pink Camouflage!
and you will find our friend Howie in TX writing love letters to all of his girlfriends on his new Pug Notes’ Note Cards!
My new drawing brings a smile to my face everytime I see it!
I just could not wait to share it with you!
This  is only a preview of what you will find. 🙂
The complete  Fall 2013 Newsletter is  available  here for you to  enjoy so please click through when you have time.
If you would  like a copy of the Newsletter to be  emailed to you every quarter, please just email  me anytime or  sign up in the green outlined box at the top left corner of the blog. 🙂
I would also  love to feature your  pugs and  recipes in the  upcoming newsletters so please send  them anytime you  want to!
Melissa & Archie

New Sweet Dreams Pug Fabric!

Happy Fun Friday everyone!
It is me…
I am so excited to announce our NEW Fabric Design for you to enjoy!
Sweet Dreams – Napping Pug
It is created from my momma’s new pug drawing inspired by…
As you can see from the photo of me…
I nap in this position all of the time so it was easy for my momma to catch me in the act of resting my eyes. 🙂
Look at all of the little me’s on this wonderful cotton fabric!
It is sold by the yard on our website and Etsy Shop.
You can also get this FUN new Sweet Dreams design on note cards and address labels!
Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.
I am always here napping…
I mean working and ready to answer!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
What are you up to?
Please leave me a note and tell me all about it!
I cannot wait to hear all the FUN details of your day!

Friday Funnies ~ R-Chee says Let’s Party! Colorado Pugs in the Park 2013

Happy Friday everyone!
It is me…
I had so much FUN at The Colorado Pug Rescue‘s 2013 Party this year!
It is called Pugs in the Park…
…and boy was it ever!
They had tons of games, contests, food, spas, vets, toys, vendor booths and a big fundraising silent auction that was filled with amazing things to bid on and win while helping all of the pugs in foster care!
Here are some of the photos my dad took of our day for you to enjoy!

Every kind of doggie was welcome to join in on the FUN & learn to relax in style from the pug experts!

There were so many pugs to meet, games to play and smells to smell that I did not know where to start!

So my momma and I just decided to start to explore and see what would unfold!

We went to every booth and greeted every pug we could find in every direction!
We had so much FUN exploring that I needed to take a break and have a snack!
(BTW… I always need a snack :))
Here are just some of the friends we met!
Every pug & person had a wonderful time!
Smiles were shining everywhere!

Thank you CPR and all of the people, family and pug rescues everywhere for all the love, care and hope you bring to the world!

We cannot wait to go again next year!

Please leave us a note and tell us all about the Pug Parties you have been to this year! We cannot wait to hear all about them, your favorite rescue and your story if you would like to share it with us!

Melissa & R-Chee