New for Spring 2010 ~ Creamers

 Happy Tuesday everyone!
You are the first to see the second new item I have added for Spring!
 They add the perfect touch to any coffee or tea break!
They are avaialble in all of my dog and pug art!
The Creamers are ceramic and hold 16 oz of cream, milk or even juice!
If you would like more details on the Creamers, please click here to read more or to place an order.
m & e

New for Spring 2010 ~ Candle Holders

 Happy Spring everyone!
I am so excited to launch 2 new items that I just added to the Spring Line.
Today’s item is…

I love the unique design with 3 recesses to hold a variety of candle sizes!
It is the perfect accent to any room.
The candle holders add a bit of color and light to your day and can even remind of us of an old friend. 🙂
They are available in all of my dog and pug images.
If you would like more details about the candle holders, please click here to read more or to place an order.
Emmitt and I are excited to show you the second new item tomorrow!
How did you ring in Spring this weekend?
Please leave us a comment and let us know!
m & e

Customer Photo Gallery ~ Lazy Susan

Happy Thursday everyone!
I am so excited to show you the wonderful photos that Salinger and his mom, Laura just sent to me of them enjoying their new lazy susan.
Hey everyone!
Salinger here!
I challenge you to a game of…


Bring it on!
Oh and um a bowl of popcorn too, please. 🙂
A puggy needs fuel to spell … Am I right?

Who’s next?

Salinger and Emmitt his business manager 🙂

Good News From Pug Notes ~ Spring 2010

The Pug Notes Newsletter ~ Spring 2010 is now online for your reading pleasure!
Emmitt and I are so excited to share it with you! 
It is jam packed with fun news, photos, events, recipes, customer photos and more!

Stop by the Meet The Pugs section and meet 30+ pugs from all over the world!

…and don’t forget to get the Spring Recipe ~ Shepherd’s Pie!
If you would like a copy of the Newsletter to be emailed to you every quarter, please just email me anytime or sign up in the green outlined box at the top left corner of the blog. 🙂
Emmitt and I would also love to feature your pugs and recipes in the upcoming newsletters so please send us pics and recipes anytime you want to!

Have a wonderful day!

Melissa and Emmitt