Lion Brand Blog ~ My Yarn Paintings

Amazing News!

My hands are shaking with excitement and appreciation to find out that my yarn paintings I have been creating this year are mentioned on the Lion Brand Blog today!

I started creating them after seeing their yarn painting post and was immediately inspired to start creating my own pieces.

If you would like to see my process on how I make them, here are the links to all of my paintings in 2010.
  1. Fawn Pug #1
  2. Corgi
  3. Black & Fawn Pugs ~ The Kiss
  4. Fawn Pug #2
  5. Smiling Fawn Pug
  6. Black Pug
  7. Snuggle Pugs
  8. Sleeping Fawn Pug

I also explained my process this year on a guest blog appearance on Craft for Health.

I just love making them and sharing them with you!

To be able to share them with everyone is my great joy so they are all for sale as note cards and signed prints in my Etsy Shop for you to enjoy. 🙂

Thank you everyone for your heart felt encouragement and feedback throughout the year.

You all make this journey so fun for me to explore and share!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Melissa & Emmitt