Customer Photo Gallery ~ Books & Calendars

I am so excited! Two wonderful customers from TN and IL sent me pictures yesterday of their families enjoying their Pug Notes Books & Calendars. I have added them to the Customer Photo Gallery.

I smiled from ear to ear when I got these photos and emails…

The first set of pictures is from Beth M. from TN:

Melissa, I wanted to send you some pics of your drawings I used from a calendar I bought a couple of years ago. I saved the calendar to use specifically for this purpose. I absolutely love the prints, and everyone goes nuts when they see them over the crib. I also have a pug light switch cover and night light in the room. And lots of other pug art! It’s adorable!! I’m hoping she will automatically be predisposed to loving pugs with them surrounding her in the room. Sincerely, Beth M., TN

In related news, I just released the new 2010 Dog Art and Pug Art calendars with a new fun retro dot border around each image…

The second wonderful customer photo is of Amanda, Matt and Maggie the pug enjoying their Story, Activity and Coloring books. The Photo is courtesy of Pat. S., from IL 
I love creating and sharing new books. I am working on a new one now that I hope to be able to show you soon. 🙂
Here are the available books in the Pug Notes Library…

Emmitt and I love to share the stories and paintings that come from our journey and see how they fit into your journey’s too!

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing with us!


Melissa and Emmitt


Senior Black Pug – A73

Senior Black Pug - A73

I am so excited to introduce my new Senior Black Pug into the Pug Notes family.

The image is available on all of my products that you can choose a design.

I love these distinguished, wise faces that have so much love written all over them!