Senior Pug – A72

Hi everyone! As promised here is my newest senior pug!

I just love how he turned out. He is available on my website on all of my products where you can choose a design.

and … I made a note card set on Etsy of all 3 designs of my senior pugs. What a distinguished group!

Senior Pug Note Card Set

These three puggies make me smile as I see my Emmitt in all of them.

Senior Pug – A71


Happy Monday everyone!
Look who joined the Pug Notes family this weekend?
Meet the newest Senior Pug asking Emmitt’s favorite question… Is it time to eat yet?
This new painting is available on all of my products where you can choose the design.

Here is Emmitt asking the exact same question, but my pug is simultaneously making a sound similar to the air being slowly let out of a balloon to create a little drama to the event. 🙂

So here is a question Fred and I would love to know the answer to… Do your doggies sing funny songs at meal time, or is it just Emmitt?  He is such a ham!

Black Pug Painting – A70

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited to introduce my 70th Pug Painting to you!

He is a very happy black pug waiting for a cookie!

He is available on all of my products where you can choose the design.

The weather here in Colorado is warm and sunny. We plan on doing some gardening with Emmitt there to help.

What do you have planned on this last weekend of May?

Seattle Pug Party 2009

Melissa and Guido 🙂

We had a fabulous trip to Seattle to attend the Seattle Pug Party on Saturday.

We met so many of our blog and online friends that the whole day became a magical event.

Some of the people who stopped by are Puglette and her family, Connie Conley, Tara Ross, Sabra, Cammie, Winston & Cosette, Joan & Skippy who also had an amazing booth at the party for her amazing company, Linden Line Designs.

Our booth

A happy puggy!

Joan’s Skippy Wu

Puglette’s Charlie and Ollie

To celebrate a wonderful show and day, Melanie and I went to the Pike Street Market for dinner.

We only had a few hours on Saturday evening to see some of Seattle but we had perfect weather and could not have asked for a better day!

This is a shot of the Space Needle as we zoomed to the airport at 6:00 am Sunday morning. 🙂

We had a fabulous time in Seattle. As we were leaving the Pike Street Market, I looked down and saw this wonderful bag smiling up at me. I said to myself, what a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Life is Art… Art is Life!

San Diego Pug Party 2009


The theme was Rockn’ Through the Ages and it was a blast!

Hundreds of people and pugs turned out for a day filled with contests like a cupcake eating contest, pug kissing contest, costume contest, a huge raffle, all you can eat meatball pug bar and more!

We were so excited to see our friend Mindy and her pugs, Elvis and Dandy.
She is wearing a shirt with a portrait of her Elvis puggy done by our very own Nancy Medina!

Our friends Liz & Jon brought their frenchie, Henri Hopper, and their new baby boy, Noah, to the party. We were so excited to see them!

Noah with his new bear made by Melanie. 🙂

Me and Liz

The winners of the costume contest…

Billy Idol and his pugs dressed for a White wedding. 🙂

The all you can eat meatball bar!

and Elvis waiting for the all you can eat part!

My friend Kathe Gogolewski came to see us.
We have been friends online for years and finally got to meet!
My Booth!
and lots of wonderful puggies!

Happy faces!

New forever homes being found!

Melanie’s handmade bears were a huge hit!
We love San Diego and cannot wait until next year!

I will show you our trip to Seattle tommorow! 

I also want to thank all of you for playing with Emmitt while I was away! Your special posts, comments and photos all made me happy and laugh out loud. I am very lucky to have you as friends!