Black Chihuahua

I had so much fun painting this little chihuahua today!
He is available on on all of my products where you can choose a design.
Emmitt says he wishes he had ears like that!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Night Lights ~ Pug & Dog Art

I am so excited to introduce a new line of night lights.
They are available in all of my 120+ pug and dog designs.

Brighten up any room with these fun faces!

Bedroom • Hallway • Kitchen • Nursery • Bathroom
  • The sturdy black plastic plug swivels 360 degrees to fit any outlet position.
  • Overall size: 3 1/2″ wide x 4 3/4″ tall x 2 1/4″ deep.
  • Complete with cool running 4-watt bulb.


Mugs Loves his Dog Bowl!


Photo courtesy of Linda B., AL

Mugs loves his new dog bowl

Keep sending your photos in to the Customer Photo Gallery!  They are fabulous! 🙂

Boston Terrier


I am so excited to introduce a new Boston Terrier into the Pug Notes family.

He is available on all of the products that you can choose a design.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Customer Photo Gallery ~ Meet Midge!

Meet Midge with her new dog bed!
Kristin M. and her frenchie, Midge, just love their new 30 x 36 dog bed.  They were sweet enough to share this photo with me.
It is now featured in both the Customer Photo Gallery and dog bed sections of Pug Notes and Dog Art Studio.
Please feel free to send me your photos anytime!  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with me!  It really makes me happy!