Today’s new items are these wonderful aprons. The are fully adjustable with the top strap and have 3 deep pockets to keep you organized while you cook, garden or even make art!
They are available with my 100+ pugs and dog paintings.
These aprons are whimsical and functional!
What fun activities do you do that you would use an apron?

Baby Bibs

Today’s new item is for the little ones in our lives. I thought pugs were perfect of these bibs since pugs love food and to drool. 🙂

Now everyone in the family, no matter what age, can show their love for pugs and dogs.

They are available with either pink or blue trim.


I am so excited about the new ceramic canisters now available on Pug Notes and Dog Art Studio. They combine my two favorite things… dogs & containers!

Now you can store and organize anything from baking ingredients to cotton balls in these air tight containers.

I love how they look with the cookie jars. I think they make a nice set. What do you think? I would love to hear!

Coat Racks

I am so excited to show you the rest of the new product line for 2008 all this week. I will feature a new one each day.

Today’s new item is the coat racks. They feature 4 tiles for you to choose any pugs or dogs you would like!

The rack can be used to hang coats, hats, leashes and even towels!

As always, I would love to hear your comments about the new item and how I show it on my website. Please let me hear your ideas and suggestions. 🙂

Lap Blankets

Lap Blankets

Here is the latest of the new products I am happily adding to my websites Pug Notes and Dog Art Studio.

They are small blankets that are the perfect size for babies, pets and people to curl up in.

Emmitt loves his and says he promises to only shed on the blanket and not the rest of the house or car. Ha!

That is sweet, but I do not think he will be able to keep that promise. 🙂

My Emmitt is like “Pig Pen” with a cloud of hair following him instead of dust, 24/7. Funny Pug!

Pug Posters in their New Home!

Molly and Oliver with their new posters! 
I was so thrilled to receive this wonderful photo from Jennifer B. of VA who just received her two 24 x 36 posters today.
It is the connections I make to people and their puggies that makes what I do truly meaningful to me.
She just received them this morning and by 5:00 tonight she had them framed, hung and sent me pictures with this sweet note… 
Hey Melissa… I went and framed the pictures ASAP. I absolutely love love love them. It worked out so perfect because the black pug picture really represents Molly’s personality and then we have the poster of the two tan pugs which remind me of Oliver and my mom’s pug Annie…too cute!     
Wow! Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful photos and email. You really made my day!
How Fun!

Step Stools!

I just flipped when I saw these step stools!
They are made of wood with 2 ceramic 6 x 6 tiles inset into the top!

You can choose any of my pugs or dogs in any combination.

Two fawn pugs are shown here, but you can create whatever family you want…
Pug + Westie, Black Lab + Rottweiler, Yorkie + Shitzu
They are the perfect sturdy tool to help you get to those hard to reach places.

Emmitt has been using ours to get to all those places he has always wanted to reach by himself in the food pantry, sofa, bed and even… 

Fred’s Desk!

Silly Pug! Happy Monday everyone!

My First Interview!

I am truly honored to be a part of Rebecca Collin’s video series.  Check out her website, blog and Etsy Store to meet her and purchase her amazing art using your very own photographs.

Soap Dispensers

I am so excited about my new soap dispensers.

They are the perfect thing to add a little sunshine to any sink in your house. You can fill them with liquid hand soap, hand lotion or even dish soap or laundry detergent.

Emmitt asked for it to be connected to his dog bowl as a hot fudge dispenser. Ha! I have a very creative puggy! He is always thinking!

Cookie Jars

I am so excited about my new large ceramic cookie jars!
They are available with all of my 100+ paintings of pugs or other dog breeds.

Emmitt wants a treat!

I swear I heard him say C-O-O-K-I-E! When he came trotting around the corner just now.

How did he know? I think he has a cookie antenna!