Pugs in the Park 2011 ~ Archie the Social Butterfly

 Hi everyone!
It is me… Archie!
I am so excited to show you the very first Pug Party I went to hosted by The Colorado Pug Rescue!
Pugs in the Park ~ 2011
It was amazing!
I have never seen so many pugs before!

There were fun booths to shop, food to eat and lots of games and contests to enter in and prizes to win!

Here we are arriving at Denver City Park!
There was so much to see and share that Dad pulled out his camera and starting snapping photos!
I immediately dove right in and tried to talk to and play with every puggy!
Being my very first social event, I think my intentions were good, but my technique was a little rough around the edges. 🙂
Momma pulled me aside and had a little talk with me about how to say hello and introduce myself politely before playing with new friends.
I took some time to rethink my approach…
This cute little guy looked like he was trying to get away with something too!
Looks like the newbies have alot to learn. 🙂
But… there was no time for feelin’ bad because at 3:00 something super FUN happened!
An announcement went over the speaker system and…
All the puggies turned into something else!
This puggy turned into a T- Rex!
These GUYs are crazy funny!
Poof… Monkey
Poof… Rock Star
Poof… Fire Hydrant!
Poof… Bunch of Grapes
Poof… A Prize Fighter!
 Oh my gosh!
All these costume changes are making me dizzy!

I didn’t have a costume to enter the contest this year so I sat on the grass with mom and…

(I am not laughing at them… really I am not!)
Tee Hee! 🙂
Have a super duper weekend everyone!
What do you have planned?
Please leave me and note and let me know!
Archie Barchie the Social Butterfly (in training) 😉

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