San Diego Pug Party 2010

Hi Everyone!
We are home!
Melanie and I had a fabulous time in San Diego and Seattle!
I am so excited to show you pictures of our trip!

I will start with the SD Pug Rescue Party today so as not to overload you with all of my pictures. 🙂

Our tables were filled with our whimsical pug art, sweater vests and handmade wool bears!

We had so much fun!

It was a perfect day filled with wonderful people and over 500 pugs smiling and having fun!

Here is one little happy pug looking for the perfect forever home.
The party is an annual fundraiser to help the San Diego Pug Rescue raise funds to support the sweet pugs in their care.
Some of the activites they had were costume contests, blueberry facials, pug massage, manicures, ask a vet and a cupcake eating contest (A funny side note: The cupcakes had to stay down to win ~ heeee.)

Here is a puggy waiting for his cupcakes while celebrating the theme of Pugs Around the World complete with ponchos, sombreros and *beverages*.
We had such a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting new ones and spending the day with hundreds of puggies!
P.S. Does anyone know why Emmitt is singing and dancing and smelling like mini meatloaves? He is on cloud 9 I tell ya!
m & e

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