New Pug Painting – The Smiling Pug ~ A75

Hi everybody!


I am so excited to share the latest pug painting I just finished.


He is a Smiling Pug and he makes me happy!


Look at those crooked pug teeth!
Last week I showed you the process of how I create my paintings, and I thought it would be fun take pictures along the way of this new one while I was in the flow…
Pencil sketch on my Hemlock Wood Panel

First layers of fur and shading have begun!

The expression is starting to come to life!

Next step: The Smile!

Oh he is coming to life!

Next steps: The background and fine lines…

I think the blue makes him pop with a feeling of a sunny day!

and the final lines just finish him off.

Ta Da!

He is now officially Pug A75 on my website and can be put on any of my products that you can choose the design.
Thank you for sharing in the fun!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

m & e

How I Paint My Pugs – A69

The Pug Kiss
Acrylic on wood
8 x 10
Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you my latest pug painting. I call it The Pug Kiss.
I had so much fun painting it and I remembered to stop along the way and take some pictures to show you how I created it.
The first thing I do is sketch my painting on a piece of 8 x 10 hemlock wood.

Then I start filling in the fur and shading. You can see I have started on the black pug here.

I left the pink tongue blank for now and moved onto the fawn pug.

He is coming along. Just the nose, tongue, background and fine lines to go.

And here they are just before the final touches.

I love how this painting turned out. I cannot believe this is my 69th pug painting. 🙂

It is available on all of my products where you can choose the design. I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my painting process.

Have a wonderful day everyone!