Customer Photo Gallery ~ New Additions

Meet Mug!
He just got his new dog bed (size 24 x 30 in design A32) for Christmas and just loves it.

 He and his parents live in Japan!

 …and Michele S. and Ruby love their new Boston Terrier ornament.
I was so honored that they added to Ruby’s special tree this year.
Please feel free to email us your photos too! We would love to add them to the Customer Photo Gallery!
Happy New Year’s eve everyone!
See you next year! 
m & e


Pug Posters in their New Home!

Molly and Oliver with their new posters! 
I was so thrilled to receive this wonderful photo from Jennifer B. of VA who just received her two 24 x 36 posters today.
It is the connections I make to people and their puggies that makes what I do truly meaningful to me.
She just received them this morning and by 5:00 tonight she had them framed, hung and sent me pictures with this sweet note… 
Hey Melissa… I went and framed the pictures ASAP. I absolutely love love love them. It worked out so perfect because the black pug picture really represents Molly’s personality and then we have the poster of the two tan pugs which remind me of Oliver and my mom’s pug Annie…too cute!     
Wow! Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful photos and email. You really made my day!
How Fun!