Introducing The New Bummlie Gallery ~ Playing with The Bummlies!

Happy Monday everyone!
R-Chee & I are so excited!
The Bummlies are reporting back their adventures with you from all over the world!
They are having so much FUN with all of you that they just cannot contain their glee!
They are bursting at the seams with excitement, so R-Chee & I have built a special gallery where they canShow & Tell all of their stories with you!
It is called The Bummlie Gallery and it’s new home is
You may ask…
What are The Bummlies?
The Bummlies are my new line of Stuffing Free Dog Toys for you to enjoy!
The Bummlie Gallery is a story board of FUN from Bummlies who have been adopted by families all over the world!

They are reporting back with adventures filled withLOVE, FUN, EXCITEMENT & JOY!

You can adopt your special Bummlie today in our Etsy shop…

Each Bummlie sends the message of LOVE both from his front chest and his back “bum”! 🙂

Handmade of soft fleece, a solid piece of terry cloth stuffing, thread and a lot of LOVE…

Each Bummlie is unique & the perfect buddy for both dogs and kids!

They are machine washable and if opened by your 4 footed kid, they will not leave stuffing everywhere since they are safely stuffed with a terry cloth towel section that is one solid, safe piece that makes your Bear Bummlie even more huggable!

They are approximately 10″ high from tip of ears to toes and 8 ” across from paw to paw.

I happily cut, sew, hand embroider and stuff each doll for you to enjoy.

Tweedles is having so much FUN with her Pug Bummlie, Stella and her Bear Bummlie Maple!
They are playing with their food and whoever wins gets to eat all 3 peas!
Photos courtesy of Georgie W., OR
Meet Freya Rose Blossom and Gordo!
They are having a blast building sand castles and digging for buried treasure at the beach today!
Photos courtesy of Midge V., UK

I love making new Bummlies for you to enjoy and more are joining the family everyday!

Come and adopt yours today and share your photos and stories with us!

We cannot wait to play with you!
Melissa & R-Chee

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