New Pug Painting ~ You are My Sunshine! ~ Pug Design A91

Happy Monday everyone!
I am so excited to show you my latest work!
This is the expression Archie has on his face when we I am talking to him. 🙂
I love to work with him next to me while I share ideas, tell him stories or teach him a new trick!
He is a very inquisitive & attentive puggy who is also a very good listener!
He is my sunshine and I love sharing him with you!
This is the third pug painting I have done this month and is Pug Design A91 in my latest series of paintings.
I took lots of photos for you to see how he popped to life just like I did for paintings A89 & A90🙂
Ta Da!
I never know who is going to appear on the end of my brush, but I am am always so excited to meet them! 🙂
Here are the 3 new paintings I created and when I looked at them all together, I laughed because it so looks like they are spending the afternoon together gossiping doesn’t it? 🙂
The gossiper…
The listener…
The Shocking Reaction! 🙂

All 3 of these puggies are now available for you to enjoy on all of my pug products🙂

I will be unveiling new products for you to place them on in coming weeks so stay tuned for more FUN on the way!

Melissa & Archie

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