New Item ~ Travel Bag ~ Makes Organizing FUN!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am sooooo excited to release my new travel accessory just in time for Summer!

Introducing… New Travel Cases!
Travel in style and keep everything  organized!
I am so excited about these new wonderful cases!
You can use them to organize anything!
Travel • Dog Treats & Toys • First Aid • Road Trips
  • 8″ x 9″ X 22″ (Opened)
  • Secure double zipper and velcro closures.
  • Sleek fold out design.
  • 3 interior pockets to keep everything organized.
  • Use to organize anything!
  • Great for travel, first aid kits,  pets, kids and even art supplies!
  • Removable hook allows you to hang it or use the top handle to  carry it as a bag.
You get to choose from any of my pug or dog paintings to put on your Travel Cases!
R-Chee are so excited to offer this fun new accessory!

He already has his favorite treats and stuffies pulled out for me to pack in his.
He is having a picnic lunch in the backyard today and cannot wait for me to pack his new bag for him!

If you would like more information about the bags or to place your order, please visit the Travel Cases on where you will also find detailed product information & pricing.
Please contact me anytime with any questions!
Melissa & Archie

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