New Pug Painting (A82) ~ I Smell Something Good!


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Archie and I are so excited to show you another new painting we just finished! 🙂
This little puggy just got a sniff of a wafting scent coming from the kitchen!
He is on high alert for fresh baked treats!
We imagine this is how the puggies look all the time at Pugs In The Kitchen located in IN.
They are a wonderful 100% natural and made with love dog bakery that now ships their cookies around the whole USA!
Archie just loves their cookies, and we know you will too!
I just love the expression on this close up pug painting!
I took lots of photos for you as I painted it to see it come to life!

Pencil sketch on wood
The acrylic paint has begun to be applied.
I fill in each of the areas with color and then begin the shading.
After the pug is the way I like him, I fill in the background and the final touch are the fine lines to make him pop to life!
Ta Da!
Archie approves but insists he does not get mesmerized by wafting smells. 🙂
Ok… R-Chee
I believe you… really I do!
tee hee!
This little puggy is now pug design A82 on my website and is now available for you all to enjoy on all of my products where you can choose the design.

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