New Pug Painting (A80) – Is It Play Time Yet?


Happy Monday Everyone!

Archie and I are so excited to show you a new painting I just finished!
This little guy is inspired by the pose Archie takes when he is patiently waiting for me to stop working and play with him. This is the look R-Chee gives me every afternoon starting at about 3:00pm. πŸ™‚

Momma are you ready to play with me yet?
I brought you my striped monkey!
Please throw him for me!

I snapped some photos of the painting in process for you to see.
Here is the drawing I sketched on my 8 x 10 piece of Hemlock wood.

…and this is what it looked like after I started to paint in the features. πŸ™‚

Ta da!
I just love how this little guy turned out. πŸ™‚
He is Pug Design A80 on my website and is available on all of my products where you can choose the design.
It is so FUN for me to step back from a painting after I am done and “meet” who has asked to come in! πŸ™‚
Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful enthusiasm in meeting them too!
You all make this journey a very fun road to travel!
Melissa & Archie

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