Paws For Charity Art Book Project 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone!
I am sooooo excited to announce that the 2012 Paws for Charity Art Book is now available!
The 2012 Paws For Charity Art Book contains images of dogs and cats submitted by 66 artists and photographers (professional and amateur) in 9 countries.
All funds raised from book sales are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress (, an animal shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I am so excited this year because this book is extra special to me!
My husband, Fred, is published in this edition on page 44 with his amazing photograph, “High Alert”.
I am honored to have my yarn painting, “The Love Pug“, published on page 66.
If you would like to preview the whole book and/or purchase a copy, please visit the 2012 Paws For Charity bookstore.
I am honored to be included among such amazing artists in this wonderful project that raises funds for beautiful animals who are in need just a little bit extra love right now.
Melissa & Archie

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