New Pug Painting (A78) ~ Are You Talkin’ to Me?


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Archie & I are so excited to show you our first new pug painting for 2012!
Pug Design A78 is now available on all of our products where you can choose your design.
I LOVE the expression on this puggy’s face!
He is surprised you could even think he would have done whatever you thinkhe has done. 🙂

I always start by sketching my painting on a piece of hemlock wood.
Then I pull out my paints and brushes and start filling in the features.
I have documented my painting process on my websitein greater detail for you to enjoy.

Here he is all done and waiting to dry. 🙂
I just love seeing them pop to life!
I never know who will show up until I put down my brush after the final stroke and step back to see!
I have been busy painting this week so I am excited to introduce you to more new faces in the coming days!
What FUN things have you been up to?
Please leave us a note and let us know!
We cannot wait to hear all about them!
Melissa & R-Chee