Pug Notes Fan Page on Facebook

Have you joined Facebook yet? It is so fun to connect with old and new friends from around the world. I love how blogs, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook all connect us but in different and fun packages.

If you are on Facebook and would like to be friends, please invite me!

I also just created a Pug Notes Fan Page on Facebook which is a forum for people to share photos, stories, ideas and get the latest and greatest news from the World of Pug Notes.

The Crafted Webmaster has written two excellent articles this week explaining :

the differences between Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages and also the differences between Fan Pages and Groups.

If you do not know about the Crafted Webmaster blog and newsletter written by artist, Nicolette Tallmadge, I highly recommend it. She is an expert in Internet Marketing for Artists.

I really enjoy reading her newsletter, blog posts and tweets on Twitter.

Pug Notes Fan Page:

Please join in on the fun! 
Emmitt even has a Dogbook and Dogster page you can join if you would like. 🙂 
Jump right in if you have never joined one of these groups. I find them to be fun, engaging and you can do as much or a little with them as you would like. 
What are some of your favortie social networking groups? I would love to know! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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